Derek Theron was raised in a home where popular music was always in the air.  An eclectic range of music roared from the family record player.  Beatles, Elvis, Smokey Robinson, Queen, as well as the works of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Beethoven were common selections.  Derek conceived his first song at age 9, while riding his bicycle to the corner store as an errand for his mother, a once screaming Beatles fan.  His song entitled "Oh Lisa" had lyrics and music even though he hadn't yet learned to play an instrument. 

Through his teen years, Theron was professionally trained in guitar, piano and singing, and was fixated on developing his own music and songwriting skills.  By age 17 he had saved up enough money to purchase his first 8 track recorder and began compiling his body of work, sacrificing all normalcy in his life for music.  Up to the present time, Derek has produced a number of solo and band CDs some of which drew some label interest.  His work has been featured in many online articles and local newspapers, with songs receiving radio play and placement in independent film.  Derek Theron was also accredited with 2 awards from the international Billboard World Songwriting Competition for his songs "Again" and "So Thankful" in 2006 and 2009, respectively.  (See "Accolades" page)

Theron's writing is not limited to any style, as he believes the subject of style pales in comparison to the subject of quality.  He says "Great music is great music. If it honestly moves me, I'll write and record it, regardless of style... from hard rock to pop, from modern to retro, it doesn't matter... I love it all.  Many of the great popular artists were highly versatile, so it just seems to make sense to not be creatively limited by genre and labels.  Market history shows us that successful songs need only to be good for what they are, and not by comparison to other songs.  What really matters is passion and quality." 

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