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"Derek Theron is a singer-songwriter from Boston MA, and a two-time "Billboard World Songwriting Contest" award winner.  He is the guitar player and vocalist for the rock band "6S", with Mike Sedani (bass) and Dave Perry (drums), named after the number of a rented studio room – as it sounded like the word "success"."

Derek’s songwriting vision expands to the theatrical, and spectacular, and he is quoted as saying to his band "guys – haven’t you ever heard of a band called Queen?".  Expanding the definition of rock music beyond its limits, it is no wonder why Derek won two awards for his songwriting craft.

Derek is now focusing his talents on writing music for hire, offering his eager ear to listen to those who want to put their dreams into a song.  Derek has the chops, just listen to this interview and hear some samples of his creative work!"

(Music Life Radio Interview conducted by Josh Almond)


Theron and his band "6-S"
Interviewed by DJ Haze at 99.3 FM


Metronome Magazine Interview
(See magazine cover pic on ACCOLADES page)

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